Fee calculator

With our fee calculator it’s easy to calculate your BAGV GLAS+SOLAR fee based on the current fee tariff.

Assessment base

Subject to fees are all domestic sales (without VAT) as well as all export deliveries in one calendar year. Not subject to fees is the delivery of foreign goods. The same applies for the delivery of accessories which do not consist of glass. Member companies which are equitably linked can add their external sales to a combined sum. This sum is then collectively subject to the fee tariff. The stake in the equity must be more than 50%. 

Simply choose your main group and insert your annual turnover in the field below. Please only insert whole number, full stops and commas will be removed.

Explanatory notes:

  1. For each member company whose equity is linked, an additional basic amount will be taken as a base, amounting to 15% of the sum which would have arisen if the linked member company was independent.
  2. The minimum fee is € 1,000.00.
  3. For payments on time, an additional discount of 5% is granted.

* No responsibility is taken for the correctness of these information. As of: 07.05.2010


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