The Employers‘ Association and its members

With membership numbers at a stable level, we feel confident in our work and see this as an expression of the satisfaction of affiliated companies. Today, the most important companies within the German glass industry have been organised into groups within the BAGV GLAS+SOLAR. From large corporations to small glass businesses – our members‘ structure mirrors the diversity of production.

Affiliated companies come from the following areas:

  • Hollow glass production (with glass works finishing and processing) (main group I),
  • Flat glass and glass fibre production (main group II),
  • Glass finishing and processing (main group III) as well as
  • Solar industry (main group IV).

But even closely connected companies that include glass in their production or come from the trade area, are part of our association. As are associated organisation such as guilds, company health insurers, technical institutions or vocational schools for glass.

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